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Early Signs & Symptoms of Autism in Children

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Autism spectrum disorder is a neurological condition that hampers someone’s ability to socialize and communicate. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) research, 1 out of 44 children has Autism spectrum disorder.

​Here are some common early Signs and Symptoms:-

​Social Skills:

  • Avoiding eye contact

  • Not interacting or socializing

  • Not making friends

  • Avoiding physical contact

  • Non-verbal cues

  • Difficulty to be comforted

  • Difficulty understanding the feelings of others.

Language & Communication:

  • Repeating words over and over

  • Delayed Speech

  • Repeat what others say

  • Difficulty in answering questions appropriately

  • Doesn’t point to people or objects

  • Rarely uses hand gestures

  • Talks in a flat or sing-song voice

  • May lack pretend play

  • Difficulty in understanding jokes or sarcasm

Maladaptive Behaviors:

  • Repetitive routines & get upset when not allowed to carry them out (such as always wanting to close doors)

  • Performing repetitive motions

  • Get frustrated by even the most minor changes in their daily routine

  • Play with the same toys, the same way every time

  • Playing with certain parts of objects ( wheels or spinning parts)

  • Obsessive interests

  • Hyperactivity or short attention span

​When do symptoms of Autism appear?

As early as 18 months is when the first symptoms of autism can be detected. If you perceive some of the aforementioned symptoms are revealing from your child behaviors, it’s time to talk to your doctor.

Intervention in an early stage of life can make a big difference in the child development.

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