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Anger Management Techniques for Autistic Children

Children with autism require extra care because they are not like other kids of their age. Before we move further, let me explain what autism is. So, it is nothing but a developmental disorder with symptoms that appear within the first three years of life. It is also known as an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Autism appears in different forms with varying levels of severity, so you can expect the behavior of one autistic person to be different from the behavior of another autistic person. Frustration and angry outbursts are common in autistic children, but sometimes their frustration reaches a level where it becomes difficult to handle them. Calming down an autistic child is time-consuming and quite stressful; however, it is essential to manage their anger well.

What triggers anger in autistic children?

Autistic children are quite sensitive and can get angry with ordinary changes, such as a detour on the way to school, sparkling lights, or certain odors like the smell of petrol.

The common reasons that trigger anger in autistic children are:

  • Loud noises such as the sound of fireworks or the backfire of a car

  • Strong smells, such as the smell of fresh paint, even pleasant smells like a fruit cake

  • Changes in daily routine

The anger of autistic children needs to be controlled; otherwise, you won’t know what they will do. Even they can harm themselves in rage, and you don’t want your child to hurt themselves. It would help if you prepared yourself to deal with your child’s anger.

Here are some tips for handling autistic children's anger:--

1. Have a game plan ready

​Being a parent of an autistic child, you know your child can be easily overwhelmed, so have a game plan ready and implement it when anxiety strikes. It could be counting from 1 to 10, taking a deep breath, reading a book, or watching a calming video.

2. Buy an indoor or outdoor swing

​An indoor or outdoor swing is a great way to calm an autistic child’s anger. However, it does not mean you buy expensive swings. There are minor indoor versions of swings available at toy stores. You can purchase them for your child.

3. Buy sensory toys

​To calm your autistic child in anger, you can buy sensory toys, such as hobby clay, squeezy balls, fidget toys, or anything else that provides a sensory output. Look for low-cost options so that your budget will not hurt.

4. Get them a pet

​Getting your autistic child a pet, such as a dog or a cat, works wonders as it will have a calming effect. For autistic children, pets are like their emotional support, and their anger will go away in minutes.

5. Buy chewy tops for pencils and pens

​For some autistic children, chewing can be a way to overcome stress and anger. You can get your child chewy tops for pencils and pens, so whenever your child is under pressure, they can chew the tops and get rid of stress.

​The above are essential tips that help you overcome the anger of your autistic child. However, you can enroll your child ABA therapy program, where they will be trained on how to overcome their anger.

Conclusion: Autistic children are challenging to control when they are angry, but their anger must be controlled. In this post, we have listed tips on dealing with the rage of a child with autism. If you can’t do this independently, you can enroll your child in ABA therapy program in Vaughan where your child will learn ways to control anger. Also, they will learn social skills and communication skills.


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