C.A.R.E offers its learning intervention services to children with developmental delays such as Autism, Asperger's, Down syndrome, speech delays and other neurological disabilities and conditions.

Our Integrated IBI/ABA therapy programs include a binder for each child, individualized programming, supervision, monthly reporting and monthly meetings. In addition to our regular service offerings, C.A.R.E also offers home based therapy and assistance with integration into schools including such things as shadowing programs for children in daycares, community based programs, sports facilities such as swimming, ball sports, etc.

In addition, Training and Coaching support is made available to teachers, parents, nannies, etc.

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday from 9am-6pm and Saturdays 9:30 am - 3:30 pm.

Rates are based on the amount of hours per week.

15- to 25 hours - for part-time status

25 or more hours - for full-time status

(Fee structure available upon request)

Service Offering Breakdown

Intensive Behaviour Intervention (IBI):

1. Start-up costs include;

  • Assessment; including a complete report of results.
  • Individual Development Plan (IDP); which includes complete binder and programs.

2. Therapy Hourly Costs include;

  • 1:1 IBI Intervention
  • One hour supervision program per week. This may include binder review, data review and/or in-home observation of therapy.
  • Monthly Progress Report
  • Monthly Progress meeting with Supervisors

3.Parent Coaching:

This service offers parents a hands-on opportunity to learn about how to teach their children using the principles of Applied

Behaviour Analysis ( ABA ). As parents, you were your child's first teacher and will continue to act in this role throughout their stages

of development. With the help of a supervisor, parents will be taught how to teach their children specific goals.

Cost includes:

  • Initial consultation to choose appropriate goals
  • Hands-on coaching with a supervisor

4.Sibling Play Program:

This service offers a social skills group to teach both the child receiving treatment as well as his/her siblings how to play

together. It offers siblings a way to understand their brother/sister and interact in a playful manner.

Cost includes:

  • Initial meeting with the siblings and parents
  • Social Skills group with a supervisor

5.School Consultation:

This includes meetings with Teachers, IEP meetings, and IPRC Meetings.


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